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Occupy Wall Street Hits Back at Portrayal in HBO's 'Newsroom'


Occupy Wall Street was featured again last night on HBO’s Newsroom. The Aaron (Social Network) Sorkin love-it-or-hate-it drama, which launched its second season last week, follows real-life events in its storylines and is now up to late summer of 2011. So we get the drone attack on al-Alwaki, the execution of Troy Davis, Rick Perry’s surge in the GOP race—and the birth of Occupy in New York.

Last week, one of the Newsroomers—the young blog guy, naturally—reads about OWS on Reddit or some such and pitches idea of covering them in advance of the first September 2011 protest. He attends a meeting downtown, meeting criticism from activists—we get the hand signals and all—but a pretty non-leading “leader” (played by Aya Cash, possibly based on Alexis Goldstein) takes pity on him and chats with him later...