Text (partly cut off) reads:

[Iorveth] Bloede dh'oine!
[Geralt] Shut up, Iorveth. Get back in the forest and make me a sandwich. Or do I have to handcuff you again?
[Iorveth] You enjoy that too much.

Seriously, you handcuff the elf twice in this game [The Witcher 2] (depending on your plotline choices) and parade him around. And if you think dubious sexist/homophobic cracks are OOC for Geralt, there are a couple of places in the novels... but generally he's a pretty decent guy in that regard, even shown as being inept at raising a girl as a result of gender-blindness taken a bit too far.

Anyway, he totally kisses the elf. Headcanon'd.