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legion archer bow :D no name yet

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1104 days ago

legion archer bow :D no name yet


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hbjngj 1096 days ago

Y de fuq is the bow so big

Syntherax 1104 days ago

I really like the shading for the bow and the design is just great.

OptimusSuperior 1104 days ago

Bow's name: Legion Headshot

Kenji_PR 1104 days ago

The bow looks amazing :)

JamalAE 1104 days ago


WerePyreWolf 1104 days ago

Love it, want it, need it!

Takao_AE 1104 days ago

11/10 <3

Takao_AE 1104 days ago

This set.. 1K LTs above or 0.1% drop?

DatSophia95 1104 days ago

try lowering the arrows more like a actualy quiver...cause its like he just got shot in the neck...

Quintenii_AE 1104 days ago

This is one of your greatest creations ever! Was just checking the shading of the clothing from the cowl and the glove.. Gonna search for my jaw on the ground now... brb!

bruextian06 1104 days ago

Skull Eye !!!

Is a good name :)

AquaAE 1104 days ago

hmmm maybe call it wrath "this bow will take all your souls to fill his anger. nobody ever walked away alive from this fierce bow."

mieteor 1104 days ago

This entire set is just perfect.

Eihhart114 1104 days ago

It came out way better than I expected. love the shading, awesome work! xD

TrankwilAQW 1104 days ago

That's awesome! Really liking this whole archer set xD

Vultex 1104 days ago

Unholy Legion Archer Bow