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2542 days ago


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TPuryear 2533 days ago

I sincerely think the photo is great, but both guys must be in the picture.

fati7a 2534 days ago

The text on his face..i don't know..not doing it. And were is Butler? Why is Jamie alone on this poster. Butler has a great face for intense pictures..must do something with both guys..that would be great i think..

vickir83 2537 days ago

Love it!! Very intense!!

junghart 2538 days ago

Gary, Love the photos of both the guys, been not feelin the text over the face. I still prefer the one on GB.net check it out!

lorna_king 2539 days ago

these look really exciting but the angle seems to look better on jamie foxx's head than gerard butler's. other than that, they look pretty damn good, can't wait! thanks Mr. Gray :D

Klassik_Kira 2540 days ago

Ooohweee, This man is 2 SEXY!!!

HollyGhere 2540 days ago

Hun, with the likes of Jamie Foxx & Gerard Butler as your stars, you can NOT mark up their faces in such a way. You're beggin' for mutiny.

loopsisters 2541 days ago

Instead of justice at any cost, how about "It doesn't pay to be a Law Abiding Citizen"? I would make the letters of the title much bigger than the other words and why cover such grat faces? OK I'll stop now.

sanmarco1992 2542 days ago

Jamie looks scared & confused? But love the idea of half the face in light.

lindagibsonjudd 2542 days ago

Personal peeve is PS lines that are too "cut out". Played around with both images (very clever btw) together for fun. I'll send links via Facebook.

lindagibsonjudd 2542 days ago

...might be some confusion (140...140...140) Nick's emotion is more difficult to ascertain, but can't say more since I know the story..

lindagibsonjudd 2542 days ago

I love the funky lettering, because I love funky lettering even when most don't. Jamie's right eye missing is disturbing because Gerry's is so intense. I feel the hatred from Clyde, but with the Gamer poster also in monotone with an angry Gerry, there m

redishblond 2542 days ago

The words r Taking up the whole side of his face his eye missing and shit lol u can't do jamie like that, I can't wait to see it!!GODBLESS

sparty67 2542 days ago

I don't like this one as much as the original one with them both on it.
I think they should both be on the poster! Gerry and Jamie.

LisaDuncan66 2542 days ago

If you're going to use Jamie's picture, Gerry's name should go first.

ResidoDesigns 2542 days ago

I like the concept.. I just dont like the text layout

MatthewACherry 2542 days ago

This poster is fresh to death too.

Okie972 2542 days ago

This is fabulous! The expression on his face is amazing. Not knowing the full story, I really get the feeling he is questioning a decision he has made and the consequences resulting from it. I don't know if that relates, but that's the feeling I get.

russellnichols 2542 days ago

to be honest, i think it's ok. i love the idea of the words on the face but the left side feels like it ends abruptly with the contrast. i think a black background might be better than white. that goes for the Gerard one as well.

Nubreeze33 2542 days ago