F. Gary Gray



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2518 days ago


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scotsmanstuart 2478 days ago

a twitpic from tonight would be fab mate :) nudge nudge

_Chiara_ 2485 days ago

FAAANTASTIC! http://www.cinematical.com/photos/law-abiding-citizen-poster/2269247/
Although there's always Jamie Foxx top billing with his name and pic on top.

Patakay 2508 days ago

I like it...of course Gerry looks good in everything! ;)

Xavienne 2510 days ago

Nice layout but I prefer Gerry in full colour

vickir83 2514 days ago

I am not crazy about this one. I love GB but don't like the shot. Like the one with J.Foxx better. Sorry!

nic_clement 2514 days ago

God he is hot! I'll watch this movie just because he is in it :D

rtmtweet 2516 days ago

I like it, it's artistic and edgy. I'd like to see it with a darker background though, it'd fit his character better and add more contrast to Jamie's version. Gerry's eyes sure are eye-catching!

Barnakit 2517 days ago

Sorry, but Butler's look doesn't ring true to me as a real irate one on this pic. Glad to see a daring layout as for the rest.

Felegund 2517 days ago

I like it the contrast is good, intensity is good but I would love to see more options and am glad its a teaser

Lilly152 2517 days ago

I don`t like it. It`s too white and i`m sure you could find a better picture of the man

sparty67 2517 days ago

Anything with Gerry on it is going look fabulous regardless...However the white back ground just is too stark white...

Denise_Dacek 2518 days ago

He's just HOT!

jenk81 2518 days ago

Loving it! Very intense!

_Chiara_ 2518 days ago

that they both have the same angle of view, Foxx, has a best expression of his eye,but must be balanced with that of Gerard,a compares of two souls..

_Chiara_ 2518 days ago

and I prefer to first see the name of Gerard and not to Foxx in the lead. In any case, would also better ...

_Chiara_ 2518 days ago

of gray or perhaps, even a background of the jail or the city where plays this drama could highlight in some way.. just a hint of nuance in order not to leave this unique contrast between the black and white

_Chiara_ 2518 days ago

I watched the two posters very carefully, sincerely to Gerard with more attention, is the background is too white, too clean, and does not highlight the dark, the character and aura of anger and revenge that perhaps through a background with shades of gra

emmy84 2518 days ago

I really like the pic - it's true his eyes are incredble! I can't help thinking it needs more though.... maybe if this pic was part of a bigger picture.. i see it with this pic over to the left maybe with a background of a gun fight or something??

aussiegirlsal 2518 days ago

His eyes are awesome. They stare straight through you. Just needs something in the background.