Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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GAC_Vallo_Ann 2221 days ago

very smexy

TightGACChica 2247 days ago

You and your toys... ;)

sportiegirl3320 2525 days ago

oooooow sexy

kidzhottopics 2532 days ago

its were all the guys with the middel name of alexander r so sexy

Jocecool23 2538 days ago


GreekGoddess90 2553 days ago

Oh yes! We ride those all the time on the Oregon Coast!! Those and quads :)

BiEbErFaN_4_eva 2568 days ago

looks fun!

ittybittytwit 2570 days ago

Those are FUN! You're a boy that knows how to have a good time. First you go to the shooting range, then go hang out with Chip, and now you're riding around in dune buggies! Will you marry me?

MsNiki3 2571 days ago

okay that's not fair... where would one get one of those awesome machines? It's no real fun unless a roll cage is required!

jen830 2578 days ago

That's alot of fun

JessieMac09 2595 days ago

that looks like fun! when i was up in oregon i saw people riding those on some sand dunes.

eternity_radio 2652 days ago

dude that looks awesome!

sammygunz 2654 days ago

Throw some paddle tires on there dude. Where's that @? Imperial Dunes area? Also, what is that, an old corvair? Heh, good stuff! I'm heading out to Glamis at the end of the month!

angeleyes707 2656 days ago

Great Pic Zak! Looks really hot!! The weather that is - lol! Really... are you just posing? The helmet is convincing but leave the jewelry behind!! Just a thought...

ilovepinksocks 2657 days ago


OmG_iTs_LiZz 2658 days ago

Never been but I want to try. My friend Dale bulit his own dune buggie

CandiceDitto 2660 days ago

So i have been four-wheeling in the mud while shooting paint balls... but dune buggies? I wanna go!

MaryAga 2664 days ago

I had to check out your pix, for my daily fix, again!

cardigangirl 2668 days ago

oh good times

hopeformee 2669 days ago

your hot =p