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We’re a game company working on The Walking Dead and a game based on DC Comics’ Fables. We made Tales of Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Back to the Future, and more!

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1799 days ago


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Vampyre777 1799 days ago

DA MONKEY LIVES! get ur fun on route 66

R4m80 1799 days ago

is this.....pedobear??

notHennesBender 1799 days ago

looks like guybrush tied to a mast.?

EHCB 1799 days ago

It's a flobmap. It's like a normal map but it makes things flob. Water flobs.

Optimaximal 1799 days ago

'tis the fire on Scabb Island?

SamuelThoburn 1799 days ago

secret of monkey island :LeChucks revenge special edition

cgriego 1799 days ago

The Pox of LeChuck!

mldesanctis 1799 days ago

Any relation to the "retro" announcement LucasArts has planned for Monday?

KidKobun 1799 days ago

What in the...?