Rapper Jay-Z talks about what you think about Rihanna and Chris Brown!
Jay-Z discovered Rihanna's talent and was her mentor since then - you might even say that it is like a second father her. In a new interview the rap icon explained why he did not want to meddle in Rihanna, even during the times when the relationship with Chris Brown RiRi was not well.

Jay-Z sees Rihanna as if she were his own daughter, and if you've heard any of his songs for Blue Ivy Carter, you know he is a proud and protective father. So, why did he not made ​​the ex Rihanna, Chris Brown, straying her after all the pain he caused you?

Jay-Z Rihanna will not try to control:

"That's not my place [interfere]," said Jay Hot 97's The Angie Show out of New York on July 10. "I can not control the outcome of your life. I can not intervene."

Jay-Z went on to explain that he can only give advice Rihanna, but at the end of the day, it's up to her to decide what she wants to live. "I can give advice if asked, you know, and that's it. Information I can provide, and then, life has to throw away. Life has to happen."

  Jay-Z acts wisely.

It is certain, however, that trying to control Rihanna with strong personality that she has, surely would only push Lapara further. Jay also said he has lots of good advice to give to Rihanna about her troubled relationship with Chris Brown, but he is probably doing the right thing, not forcing anything with Rihanna.
Jay-Z: 'I do not have enough time "for Rihanna and Chris Brown saying that full and do not care about the rumors about the couple:" I'm not for it, "he said," I do not have enough time in the day to invest in it. "