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latest AQW character :P

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783 days ago

latest AQW character :P


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KectorerAragos 774 days ago

This looks like Aragorn to me for some reason..

Zinrio666 781 days ago

I can't wait for this to be released! it's so classical and regal looking :)

hbjngj 782 days ago

I like the more real looking armor

Dollarmoth 782 days ago

Reminds of a guy from Lord of the Rings

Rezaj_Imba 783 days ago

I gotta have that hair no matter what! \(o_o)/

OptimusSuperior 783 days ago

I like your new realistic armor style.

Huge0002 783 days ago

That guy has a chubby face.

Dage_The_Great 783 days ago

please tell me this is coming out for a release :D

Gaara_soul 783 days ago

I very iked the hair! The Armor is perfect! *--*

TomcatArts 783 days ago

Wait... This is Roam. :D

AvengerAQW 783 days ago

awesome as always, real sleek boss.

VFhone 783 days ago

More like Latest Aqw Assassin Character? xD Lookin' forward to gettin' this. :3 (Hope he gets a hood, and Sheathed Sword Horizontal)

Quintenii_AE 783 days ago

Apart from the armor being really slim and nice, the hair distracts me... I need that hair! :O hehe, great job

Darknite786 783 days ago

It's simple yet effective :D and what do you think of this ? http://twitpic.com/d1kmv3