After revival with Chris Brown, Rihanna may have resumed with Drake!
The singer had had an affair with the musician, but chose to go back to Chris Brown!
Rihanna seems like even revival. Recently the singer resumed with Chris Brown after he had an affair with Drake in 2010 and 2011. And now that Chris broke up again, she would have told Drake that he had chosen the wrong man and the two may have gone back to dating.
"When she was dating Chris, he never asked to speak with Drake," a source told Look magazine. "She really missed him this time. Yeah, they came out years ago, but he was also a good friend to her. Therefore call Drake was one of the first things she did when she decided to break up with Chris.
Drake And apparently already knew Rihanna would go back to him when he was free, says the magazine.
"Drake was waiting patiently in the wings. Barely a month ago, Drake gave an ultimatum to Rihanna, saying she needed to move on because she did not want to commit. Their lovemaking was interrupted when Chris and Rihanna got together and said Drake that caused him headaches, stress, anxiety and writer's block. was obviously bored, but Rihanna was not ready for it. now Drake can finally have your chance, "said a source.
Chris and Rihanna have resumed for more than a year before publicly confirmed they were back together at the end of 2012. But the courtship ended five months later.
Now, Rihanna is starting to believe that Drake is the right man for her.
"From the first phone call, they started to talk a lot and developed a new connection. She even hinted in a message that he had chosen the wrong guy," the source added.
The website Hollywood Life called representatives of Drake and Rihanna to comment on the matter, but got no response so far.