#animalrescue in #Greece - Spay/Neuter Funds Urgently Needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can help prevent these dogs from producing more puppies to starve, suffer of abuse, injury and/or disease by donating for the spay and neuter of these homeless sweet and very people-oriented, who love cuddles.

Surviving are 2 young males, 3 young females and 5 2-month old pups that live in the streets of Greece.... it's dangerous and now the females and males would be ready to mate again soon. Urgently, these dogs and puppies need to be vetted and spayed/neutered so as not to add more dogs to suffer on the streets. There were other dogs along with these but now some have suffered and died because of lack of food...sadly the others died of illness while more were run over by cars as they live just next to a big street in an industrial area.

Due to the huge problems with stray dogs in the city and the very small number of volunteers as well as economic crisis, the dogs have not receive any proper vet care so far. Some people have been bringing the dogs food. Fosters for these dogs are needed, but many people who rescue and foster are full up. Poor little puppies will surely die because they do not understand about cars. Volunteers are needed to provide food, take photos, others to use their cars for the dogs transfer to and from the vet. Most importantly FUNDS ARE NEEDED FOR SPAY AND NEUTER. Please donate/share for funds for spay and neuter so more are not born to suffer of disease/injury/hunger.