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2833 days ago


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eunhae123 2482 days ago

i've seen this sign sumwhere b4....kewl!!!

bvtrumpeter 2673 days ago

It used to be different prices for weekends and weekdays. i remember when it was 9.95

wucommasteven 2697 days ago

Ahh, that fuji place. Never did understand why the sign doesn't just say $12.95 everyday.

leowilliams333 2704 days ago

haha i went there for my first time last week. isnt that bathroom in there sooooo gross? haha. and i wasted so much food there haha. couldnt eat the entire dragon roll.

geezgotsunshine 2706 days ago

davis sushiiiii. :) yum

lovezellie 2756 days ago

I totally know where that is!

Maricardaoang 2810 days ago

Mmmm. That looks so good right now. Lucky! :D LOL i love you!

jakeownz 2811 days ago

lol they should just have 12.95 everyday

Austin5483 2813 days ago

Please don't waste food at buffet lmao

Angelo_C 2820 days ago

i dont get it......

cMurd0c 2821 days ago

LOL! why not just say open everyday $12.95 a person. hahaha fail

CrazyRInsane 2821 days ago

Lol what's the difference? I like how they wrote "person". Are they selling people? HAHA

erinn221 2826 days ago

haha nice. :P

pratiyush 2828 days ago

i think i have been there long time ago

shortiifiied 2829 days ago

platters of sashimi ftw !! hahah, i saw you yesterday, but i was pretty gone LOL

Beverly_2010 2833 days ago

I love sushi!

popcornboii 2833 days ago


ngamarytran 2833 days ago

lol. i like what it say on the bottom." please dont waste buffet food"

aivysaur 2833 days ago

All you can eat sushi... yessss.!

jayther 2833 days ago

Hm, I guess I'll try to catch the Thursday to Sunday prices. HAHA