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Fans @todayshow early morn soundcheck

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2216 days ago

Fans early morn soundcheck


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LinnyAndrade 2202 days ago

We of Brazil love you too!!!

crazy4converse1 2205 days ago

y is alot of your pictures up side down ? trying to be funny? it works=]

Oh_Sunshiine 2211 days ago

upside downnn :)

arenao 2212 days ago

hey im over there to the right. woo.

redlight0908 2212 days ago

I was there.....had fan passes and ended up in about the 8th or 9th row. I made Geek in the Pink bracelets for my friends and I and we sent them in to you with one of teh crew members...did you get them???

eramzz 2214 days ago

HAHAH !! My boyfriend's the really tall one in the front and I'm to the left of him ! WOOOOO !!! So much fun !!!

itsthecorcoran 2216 days ago

i was there, and it was amazing!!!!!!

daniiix22x 2216 days ago

ahhh im right theree ! absolutuly loved your show !

razzmrazatazz 2216 days ago

Was there but soooooooooo far away...across the street actually.

maddieg13 2216 days ago

that's nothing compared to when jb performed!

maigeldinger 2216 days ago

i was there!

Mrazdude4u 2216 days ago

i saw it. it was great. i live in Jacksonville, FL and i went to your last concert. But you should come back ASAP :) i wish i could be there.

Lorna_08 2216 days ago

To everyone who commented: Just click the rotate button! ;)

soakINsolace 2216 days ago

upside down :(

annahall2 2216 days ago

im sorry - but this is upside down :P

joseramonmarmtz 2216 days ago

They're upside down to see you...

rach062386 2216 days ago

Wish I could have been there! 3 weeks and 1400+ miles of
driving and Ill be at the show in Fresno! Can't wait!

ashbashHill 2216 days ago

oh thats what you look like in normal world to normal people.

l_e_v 2216 days ago

I wish i were there

DebbieLuna 2216 days ago

wish i could watch, i live out of the country :(