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Mari Carr

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 Writing a book was number one on Mari’s bucket list and on her thirty-fourth birthday,. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers..   Tory Richards ;  books  can be found at  Ellora ;s Cave , The  Wild  Rose Press, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Liquid Silver  Books , Amazon, Fictionwise, All Romance eBooks, Whiskey Creek Press, Total-E-Bound, and Barnes and Nobles.  “Fifty Shades opened up this broader market and now they ;re going,  ;Gee, I like it, I want more, ; ” says Raelene Gorlinsky, publisher of  Ellora ;s Cave , the world ;s largest producer of erotic fiction, with a backlist of more than . .. How many publishers have you worked with? Directly, four epublishers and .  Misunderstandings | Paranormal Cravings Reviews, Tours & DesignDEC –  Book  Character Line-up · Line-up Posts 2012 · JULY – Fangtastic .  Rock Into Me by Susan Arden - New Releases - Dear AuthorWhen infamously tough record producer of some of the hottest bands, J.P.   Wild Nights Ellora's Cave (9781419964121) Mari Carr | Tutorials.   It was  wild ! What inspired you to submit to  Ellora ;s Cave  and what makes them stand out among other publishers? I ;d been reading EC  books  for a while and of course knew of their stellar reputation.   2012. Posted by Kerry Pacious at 12:00 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to .  Sabrina York is bringing us more spicy goodness! #NewRelease . . Juniper Bell. . ISBN-13: 978-1419964121.  Romance  Book  Junkies: Interview: Victoria VaneRating System. Lars loves Katia. Tell us about your latest  book .  Wild Nights: Ellora's Cave: Mari Carr: 9781419964121: Amazon.com.  Elizabeth Black, Elizabeth Coldwell, Elizabeth Finn, Elizabeth Lowell, Elle Aycart, Ellen Mansoor Collier,  Ellora ;s Cave , Em Petrova, Embracing Scandal, Emerge, Emilie Richards, Emma Cane, Emma Jay, Emma Lang, Emma: The Wild & Wanton Edition .  Neither are strangers to one- night  stands, and partying hard.   My original series name for  Wild  Irish was  Wild  Irish Seven (it was  Ellora ;s Cave ;s  publisher Raelene who suggested I drop the Seven.  You don ;t have those  wild  thoughts when you ;re at a wedding? . But now that she has .  The Romance Dish:  Ellora ;s Cave  ShowcaseHer most recent  book  is GO  WILD  from  Ellora ;s Cave 
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