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 Reply · Like ·  January  25 at 2:01am.It ;s not a tramp stamp, it ;s a  tattoo . .  Body  Art :  Tattoo  Designs Coloring  Book  (Dover Design Coloring  Books )Comic  Book  Urban Legends Revealed #99 | Comics Should Be . .   Not all  ink  is pathetic, my friend.No Superfluous Flummery - BME:  Tattoo , Piercing and Body .   All sorts of people get all sorts of  tattoos  for all sorts of reasons, and in recent Western  culture  we have placed judgement on the types of people who get  tattoos , what those  tattoos  are, and even where they ;re placed. It ;s practically a .   in a mirror.  Inked Tattoo ,  Culture ,  Style ,  Art Magazine  ( PINK, the bad girls is  . . .   The artists are able to  tattoo  any  style , and are highly reputable.Regrets? I Have A Few!  Girl  Who Had 56 Stars  Tattooed  On Her . People from nearly every social,  cultural , and ideological background are using  tattoos  as a way to identify themselves to the world.   Cheers to commenter for pointing me in this show ;s direction a while  back , all comments are much appreciated and am always amazed at the videos/links/info you put up.  Wouldn ;t be THAT amazing – Wired  magazine  founded a  book  division called Hard Wired and then went after Walter Jon Williams for having the temerity to publish a science fiction novel by the same title a decade earlier. a giant heavy drawer in the middle was seprated in three and stacked with the most delicious starched shirts, blue stripe, white,  pink , yeah, . ..  Inked  CULTURE. I want more! I love wearing  art  that is important to me, carrying with me the memories and experiences that went into my choice of  tattoo .  Subscribe to Mag; TATTOO SHOP FINDER