Did You know?
Most people live in a constant state of inner conflict and suffer from a barrage of negative thoughts that sabotage productivity 

"Take care of yourself. If you don't feel happy, you may be more inclined to make 
others unhappy. Work healthy habits and relaxation time into your life."
Tip 1: Wear an elastic wristband. Whenever you notice negative thoughts, change your wristband to the other arm. This will help you to create and maintain peace within. 
Tip 2: Pray, be thankful and follow your dreams – even if it’s only for ten minutes a day.
Tip 3: If you feel exhausted or lethargic, go for a brisk walk in order to rev up your energy and restore your spirit. Inhale - Exhale
Tip 4:  Stop Emotionally Abusing Others
Everyone has a bad day and takes it out on someone else now and then. Everyone has people they like less than others. But if you are constantly acting hostile towards a particular target, you may be inflicting emotional abuse. .