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Ouch :-(

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2576 days ago

Ouch :-(


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_ItsMeAli_ 2551 days ago

hu was gettin it dun? Bet it was danny.. r maybe mark? Cud hav been glen either :P lol x

RayRayFoShay 2557 days ago

Who Got It???

Nicole_Lg 2576 days ago

wow! Cool! :D

TheScriptFan 2576 days ago

awwww man!! which one of yous got the tattoo & wat is it??? xx

marie1992 2576 days ago

ohmygoshhhhhhh! awesome, lol!

San69 2576 days ago

Auaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-)

rosalindrubix 2576 days ago

im hoping those marks on the cushion are wear marks not slip marks :} lol
hes brave

ImLorna 2576 days ago


SarahDaly_ 2576 days ago

owh :O
Who gota tatto & of what ?

thescriptgirl 2576 days ago

ahh there not that sore!! more tingly! lol get a drink.....or two after u finished! lol

nolnock 2576 days ago


nolnock 2576 days ago

i feel your pain!

kathleenvigar 2576 days ago

Cool xD and yeah, you have to post a video of this moment with you yelling =P [2]

TessyBoomBoom 2576 days ago

glen how can yo tweet and tattoo at the same time lol

suzitugnait 2576 days ago

Woo go on glen :) be brave! :P

edvincent 2576 days ago

You have to post a video of this moment with you yelling =P

MikxBlanco 2576 days ago

it it's really hurt? :) lol.

AngieMcD79 2576 days ago

Stop being a baby! It only hurts like someone is burning you. MAN UP! LMAO kidding I know it hurts like hell

MichJasBrew 2576 days ago

What Is It Going To Look Like?

zapamna 2576 days ago

i told u it would hurt :p