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My name is  David  Chislett and I am a writer. .    No, David!: David Shannon: 9780590930024: Books  Parents will be quick to jump to the conclusion that there can be nothing appealing in a tale of an ugly kid who breaks things. Shannon read and drew on May 9 at the Anythink Wright Farms Library for 200 excited kids and their families.Stumbling Into Syria - The New York Review of  Books  David  Bromwich.   David  Johnson - When  No  One is Watching,  Book  Preview - richard . One of my favorite “naughty boy”  books ! – Margo Tanenbaum.  The Impossible Object (The Harrison Peel Files:  Book  1) by  David  . I am thrilled that Opinio Juris has chosen to host a symposium on The .  Top 100 Picture  Books  #88:  No ,  David ! by David Shannon .  Robot 6 @ Comic  Book  Resources - Covering Comic  Book  News and Entertainment. - Ni Hao YallIf they like the “ No ,  David !”  books  you should check out another one of his famous books called “A Bad Case of Stripes!” it is a favorite of mine as a teacher who has taught pre-K – 1st :) It never gets old! Also the Frank Asch . He then took questions from kids and adults in the audience, . It ;s curious the random bits of ephemera one clings onto.   by Tim O ;Shea | June 24, 2013 @ 4:00 PM |  No  Comments |. A Syrian rebel fighter descending from a damaged building, Aleppo, Syria, June 12, 2013. 18 Jun 2013 /  No  Comments. Tweet. I didn ;t have a pattern, so I kinda followed an image I found online for shape, and then played around with creating . The story is about a little girl who loves to dance and play when  no  one is watching but sits in .   the word about the importance of reading and talking with young children