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 Starring  Anjin San . Probably  the best  known of all  Old Time Radio  ( OTR ) programs, the most popular, and the most enduring was The Shadow. is played by .  The Five  Best  Mutual  Old Time Radio  Detectives . Old Time Radio , Part 3 … The Shadow | Upon Reflection Old Time Radio , Part 3 … The Shadow. I have been downloading and listening to  Orson ;s Welles Old time radio  shows.   For my money,  the best  showcase of her talent was in Studio One, CBS one hour drama showcase produced by her then-husband Fletcher Markle.   5) The Adventures of Michael Shayne  starring  Wally Maher .  as the show's star, Orson Welles also features in this.  Listening to Dracula: Adventures in  Old Time Radio  by  Orson Welles I discovered the CD, Adventures in  Old Time Radio : Dracula,  starring Orson Welles  at my local library.  Labels:  Orson Welles .  Starring :  Orson Welles . This Is My Best (Starring Orson Welles) - The Plot To Overthrow Christmas (12-19-44) Play.   Orson Welles  called her " ;the world ;s greatest living radio actress." McCambridge certainly was a rare talent.   Radio ;s  Most Essential People #57-#55 « The Great Detectives of .   Golden Age of Radio.  The Easy Ace: A Journal of Classic Radio . .    Best  known as the director of Citizen Kane and for the  radio  broadcast of HG Wells ;s "War of the Worlds,"  Orson Welles  was a polymath who excelled as an actor, writer, director, and producer on  radio , film, and television. With The Shadow now firmly established as a profitable . . The Perils of Peary.   The best of Old-Time Radio Starring Orson Welles on  Click here to listen to the Classic "War of the Worlds"  Starring Orson Welles  from the 1938 Mercury Theater on the Air. 17.   The Shadow  radio  drama aired for 18 seasons and a total of 665 episodes, all of which are now considered among  the best radio  entertainments in history. AnonymousMay 10, 2013 at 6:14 PM. Click here to listen to this soundbite of The Shadow.  Top Five:  Old Time Radio  Horror Broadcasts | thatmonsterIn honour of my favourite commuting passtime, below are my top five favourite  old - time radio  broadcasts.   Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod - This Is My Best (Starring Orson