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 São Paulo: Modernist metropolis - Qantas Travel InsiderBite into red-hot Chile and  discover  Santiago. Recently voted as number 4 in the . $31.95.  Acclaimed  Brazilian  Chef  Alex Atala  will launch his first  book  in the English language in September 2013.  Brazilian Ingredients, and much like Atala's. Phaidon: September. Here ;s his bio: Atala is an acclaimed  Brazilian  chef whose work is concerned with traditional food using native  ingredients . The video. Featuring recipes from Atala ;s restaurant D.O.M.   Alex Atala Cookbook VIDEO Discovering New Brazilian Ingredients. .  Design Indaba 2013: Chef  Alex Atala  on the future of cooking . .   “Nothing dates faster than people ;s fantasies about the future,” Australian art critic Robert Hughes once said of Brasília, echoing a view shared by many  Brazilians  until the last decade when its economy was finally put back on track. São Paulo is .   says  alex atala .  Check out this video promoting the  new book Alex Atala :  Discovering New Brazilian Ingredients  via Phaidon Press.  I later  discover  that Oliveira imported an oven from Germany so he could cook them just so.   alex atala  with the upcoming  book  by phaidon: cook it raw .  Bucket list #99 – World ;s top ten best restaurants - American SkyWhy: Former DJ chef-owner  Alex Atala  heads up the kitchen at this high-ceilinged dining room where the wildly creative menu champions native  ingredients  from  Brazil  and the Amazon.   We ;re excited because not only will we have the chance to  discover  some  new ingredients  and techniques to bring to the menu – but we ;ll meet some  new  friends.Bon appetit!: Dalva e Dito -  Alex Atala I went to Chef  Alex Atala ;s  Dalva e Dito ( Dalva comes from Dalva Star and Dito comes from Sao Benedito) restaurant .    Alex Atala: Discovering New Brazilian Ingredients: Alex Atala.  Well, we ;re sold.   Chef  Alex Atala  sources  new ingredients  from the Amazon and employs molecular gastronomy to create Latin America ;s most innovative menu