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So, because it's summer, I thought why not have a fun little contest? This would also be a fine opportunity to meet other artists. An ART contest it is! So that people can have a choice, there will be 2 categories. Both categories are a character from a game I want to make in the future. What must the characters look like? That's up to you! For this contest, I want to see what you would imagine these two would look like. The two characters are: -Fence Loghearth -Terrak (And his shadow if you want) All information you get for these characters are here: http://cowctus.blogspot.nl/2013/06/bladeon-into-characters.html Rules: -You can enter only 1 piece of art per category. If you do want to make both categories, be sure to have them seperate. -The voting for the best piece of art will begin on the 20th of july, so you have plenty of time to draw. As soon as the 20th of july has started for everyone, you can no longer participate. How do you enter? Simple! Post a comment in the comment section of this image with the link to your piece of art and which character it's supposed to be. There will be 2 winners, one for Fence and one for Terrak. I would have a prize, but I'm poor as hell, so that's not gonna happen. But this is just for fun and to meet other artists. READY, SET, DRAW!