as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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latest flash work is done :D

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453 days ago

latest flash work is done :D


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aqw_eeedy 449 days ago

awesome :O

Blasterdude101 451 days ago

that is a sweet chick!

Akkiles_AE 451 days ago

Like a Oversoul *-*
Btw http://twitpic.com/czj6ej

ChaosRipjaw 451 days ago

Huh, never noticed that was a "she" until now xD

Bloodsiphon 451 days ago

Shes hot though lol

BunnyHeroSmash 452 days ago

Now thats an armor i would enjoy...

TrippShot_AE 452 days ago

Now that's a queen worth of serving All Hail Dage's Wife All Hail Queen Artinem! :D

Bloodsiphon 452 days ago

He body looks kind of emaciated but awesom

OptimusSuperior 452 days ago

Must be Dage's waifu.

Dollarmoth 452 days ago

Ooh this is extremely cool!

Rezaj_Imba 452 days ago

Is that Fotia's and Dage's Queen? Awesome..

Zinrio666 452 days ago

She has a nice body :)

toshirohitsagya 452 days ago

wats this?

UndyingArts 452 days ago

I spot red line! Lol realyy good work Dage, as always :D

Victory3114 453 days ago

It's Dage's EX-Girlfriend!

Noletroid 453 days ago

I guess that's Dage's ex-girlfriend, and actual lich queen?

Coxy_XD 453 days ago

Coxy likes it, would make a neat little house item :P

andrewrxd 453 days ago

legion class for girls?