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.   If Watson happened to study the itinerary of my The Numerati  book  tour, it included a host of American cities, from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, to Seattle, San Francisco, and Toronto. Those blips, obviously, were few and far between -- and they didn ;t slow down Watson ;s highly publicized victory this week against two human champions on the TV  game  show  Jeopardy ! .   _ _ _ R _ S S. Second for Erin are two S ;s for $7K (one at the end), an E (the last letter of the next-to-last  word ; four  words  in this solution), two A ;s, a $1,650 trio of .  Reading Activities - Book Jeopardy!  Jeopardy is an awesome game that kids love to play. Use features like.   Prize  Puzzle  R: Fun &  Games  Finally getting to hear from Kathy, she starts w/ a $550 T but then the same Bankrupt. .  Errington Eagles Library: Create your own  Jeopardy  and  Puzzles  linksThis webpage is designed for the school community to come and explore the world of  books , sports, and culture.  Word Jeopardy Puzzle Games eBook: BRAINCHILD Games: Amazon.co.uk. WoF Intro Flashback Moment #53 (11/8/02 from Seattle): After Gloretta solved the Show Biz  puzzle  CINEMATOGRAPHY on the buzzer in the Speed-Up Round, she "Woo"ed w/ Pat $1K T-U: Living Things .  Watson, Can You Hear Me? (The Significance of the  ; Jeopardy  ; AI win)Watson performed poorly on this Final  Jeopardy  because there were no  words  in either the clue or the  category  that are strongly and specifically associated with Chicago — that is, you wouldn ;t expect “Chicago” to come up if you were to stick something like this clue into Google (unless you included pages . After Ashley ;s U buy to finish the vowel . B _ _ K Saul pulls out an ADDRESS  BOOK , whether it ;s online or not. Highlighted Most Recent Oldest Most Faved.   Game  Show Kingdom: "Wheel of Fortune"/" Jeopardy !" 12/7Jenna begins by picking a pair of S ;s for seven bills, an A, a T to double her current $450, an E at the end of  word  #1 out of three, a $550 N & an R while on the same MW landed on last night.  .   In summer 1990, ABC aired a 13-episode tournament of champions titled Super  Jeopardy !, which was paired with another of Griffin ;s creations, a  game  show version of Monopoly. Andy did pretty well for himself in 
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