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1038 days ago

Unfortunately there's still a lot of street violence in Haiti. I witnessed this horrible incident yesterday:


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B1ngJ8 1037 days ago

Misha do you like ice skating? i have an offer for you, no it's not a creeper one, answer back ^_^

Postalpixxie 1038 days ago

The little 'hop/skip/tailwag the brown one did was adorable. Awwww. Thanks for sharing! :D

hsifeng 1038 days ago

Nice to see I wasn't the only one out running with pets this AM. :)

Judith_Blair 1038 days ago

Good morning sweaty Misha. ;)

gabihgathinha 1038 days ago


carina_ladyrx 1038 days ago

So nice to see your handsome face :)

DestielAlways 1038 days ago

this could all be solved with a cup of tea.

reivenesque 1038 days ago

I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but this is about right.

Dani_Blazer 1038 days ago

You seem so at ease with your surroundings. :)

LLaures 1038 days ago

Good morning to you too :)

Ara_Claire 1038 days ago

The goat family knew that nothing good would come from black goat hanging out w/the black sheep.

Naira_Collins 1038 days ago

Misha you are handsome as ever :3

spnthefogofwar 1038 days ago

It looks so peaceful there (aside from the renegade goat gangs). Hope you're having a great time!

shasandy 1038 days ago

you're pretty

ZoeZellers 1038 days ago

You breed with the mouth of a goat...

enochianbug 1038 days ago

So much cruelty unknown to the world...

Berrysalmon 1038 days ago

Morning Misha :)

khaysley 1038 days ago

haha that too funny!

VivianeBacaro 1038 days ago

awnnn ♥♥♥♥ i love you

ericlesartur 1038 days ago

funny haha