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Ferluci, a new weapon fresh from Flash. Enjoy.

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1224 days ago

Ferluci, a new weapon fresh from Flash. Enjoy.


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mephilies 1189 days ago

Page 13 - Page 1

Sorry, typed a bit fast.

mephilies 1189 days ago

1. Ae is desperate and will hire anyone. (Really, Ae let there self's go)
2. LOOK AT HIS DAM ARCLEU ART (Page 10 and Down *Left*), there exact copies of Revontheus/ Miltonius work.
3. Go to Arcleu.com (Then click vokun), He copied Agyron (Fo

IsaacSmith_AE 1205 days ago

If he is supposedly non-original, then why would AQW hire him as an artist for the game? Don't you think you would have to have some talent??? It took you just as long as it took me to reply back.

mephilies 1205 days ago

Took you long enough to reply back.

He isn't original xP

No matter if he is fathom his fave artist, or not.

IsaacSmith_AE 1210 days ago

He is original, but sometimes he can't help but to fathom some of his favorite artist.

mephilies 1216 days ago

, I see your point.
But he can get his own style in steed of copying Dage and Aranx 24/7
Also he can stop giving Tyronius advise on "How to be original"
Which is kinda ironic coming form him since he aint original.

IsaacSmith_AE 1216 days ago

Ranting about Vokuns drawings isn't going to stop him from making more art pieces.

IsaacSmith_AE 1217 days ago

Vokun is an awesome designer and is just trying to improve.

IsaacSmith_AE 1217 days ago

I feel like Vokun isn't necessarily copying Dage, because Dage is a inspiration to a lot of people. To me this drawing is just a practice drawing, so Vokun can be as good as Dage. Everyone has their opinions, but you don't need to tell Vokun that his artw

mephilies 1219 days ago

Looks like it. Ever thing Dage, Aranx, Miltonius do. Vokun needs to copy.

OptimusSuperior 1220 days ago

mephilies 1221 days ago

Inspiration and Copyright are both different words. I advise you learn them before you become an artist.

BunnyHeroSmash 1222 days ago

Everyone has their inspiration everyone has to start somewhere But ragging on every picture he does...

mephilies 1222 days ago

Go look at his Arcleu art from page 13 (also the pages going left)
This art proves he been copying Dage and Miltonius before joining AE. And he still copies now.

BunnyHeroSmash 1222 days ago

Honestly if youre just going to say he looks oh so much like dage, just go look at a flipping dage pic

BunnyHeroSmash 1222 days ago

Alright rsrdaman, weilun and mephilies Shut UP about vokun "copying" anyone this barely resembles dage

WeilunWang1 1223 days ago

This looks an awfully lot like http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/blade-of-thorns-2.

Rsrdaman 1224 days ago

Again, Dage gets copied....

mephilies 1224 days ago

So much similarity: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/legion-soulseeker-pet
Why cant you be more original?

All you basically did was noob it out . _.