as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

late night sneak peak for my latest armor in the works. :P

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1226 days ago

late night sneak peak for my latest armor in the works. :P


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Rezaj_Imba 1224 days ago

I think the blue undead legend isn't even a Legion Item.. Like "The Tormentor"..

namham9x 1225 days ago

1000 legion token =))

Rezaj_Imba 1225 days ago

I hope this will be exclusive only for Legionnaires :)

Rezaj_Imba 1225 days ago

The fact thats it has purple on it makes me want to spend any amount of ac's or hardwork on it :)

RevengerAE 1226 days ago

I look at a lot of WOW stuff and don't see AQW at all... But nonetheless.. when will you use ble legend dage?

JzRamireZz_79 1226 days ago

I start WoW Cataclysm,I saw a lot of "AQW" items -.- I start LoL,then saw MORE "AQW" items -.- _|_

CarlMXD 1226 days ago

This reminds me of Arthas from WoW

KevinPF3 1226 days ago

Art has unlimited choices, love it.

Quintenii_AE 1226 days ago

This is looking awesome so far.. Also seems like my prediction was spot on! ^^

RevengerAE 1226 days ago

WOW! It's purple and not blue!

Dage_The_Great 1226 days ago

looks epic :D

Dage_The_Great 1226 days ago

:/ legion class

Kokujoe_AK 1226 days ago

Loving the new color choice....looks awesome as always! :D

AvengerAQW 1226 days ago

epic as always