Yousra and Mahmoud brought various medications purchased for their 4.5 month old daughter.

"We are worried about the baby." says Yousra. "She is very precious to us as we have already had one taken from us. She has been sick while we have been in Jordan and we went to one hospital but they wanted 100JD to treat her but we didn’t have it.” 

Yousra was forced to stand in front of the mosque and beg until someone helped her. After they paid for her to be treated  the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. They tried lots of different medicines but nothing worked. 

“We have now been told that she has chronic bronchitis – this is why we can’t live in the camp – it’s dusty and would be bad for her. I am afraid that if we go there she would die. " 

(© 2013 Jenny Matthews/CARE)