From Robbins, IL..I'm a father First and everything else after that...

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2676 days ago


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jjaebh 2676 days ago

i wannaa play too ^^

ihc95 2676 days ago

oh yeah. PS3 is better than the 360! proof? Dwade has a PS3

ajcanicosa 2676 days ago

oh.. bulls vs lakers eh? which team are you using?

zacharyflynn 2676 days ago

oh.... he must be playing with the 2006 heat. You must be playing with the 07-09 heat. that was rough. ily.

stellaehh 2676 days ago

Zaire is wooping you w/ the Lakers...I just noticed that lol

yungshaq93 2676 days ago

Seriously here's a trick tell him 2 go 2 da bathroom nd when he go grab his controller and go to options and then i think game sliders and put his to zero he won't be able 2 make anything no even a crossover lolz

ShesMELlow_ 2676 days ago

awwhh !
Thats cute !

drosedafuture 2676 days ago

start getting to the the the drill!!!!!

latoyadee 2676 days ago

Wait, is he spanking you w/the Lakers?!? That's what I'm talking about!! Get 'em!!

kayyceezamora 2676 days ago

that is hella cute :) haha he gon b exactly like u when he grows up.. always lookin up to ya.

freshprince1989 2676 days ago

dam..he want to win lol

Fr3shBarbie 2676 days ago


MzBabyPhat85 2676 days ago

aww how sweet ur lettin ur lil man win (i hope lol)...

OnePrince93 2676 days ago

He got skills lol

Real_Ajay_Virk 2676 days ago

lol I like how Lakers are winning in that game. Was LO on the floor at the time lol

NGordon 2676 days ago

That's right take if to the hoop little one!! Lol

pawlywally 2676 days ago

where's the xbox 360??

Dsmack1111 2676 days ago

They have smaller fingers wade!

nishajoshi12 2676 days ago

There is the future star... :)