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[VIDEO] Rand Paul's outreach coordinator declares 'holy war' on us 

As rainbow colored flags bravely and proudly wave across the nation in celebration of LBGT pride, activism and unity, there are continuing threats to those of us gathered under the rainbow.  We are so used to the idea of "terrorist threats" that could affect us from outside our borders that often we fail to examine and label as terrorism those that are like an asp at our breast. I happened to read a piece in Wonkette about a declaration of holy war made by Rand Paul's new religious outreach coordinator, David Lane, and at first I though it was a satire from The Onion. I followed the links in the story and found it was all too true.Of the likely candidates for the next Republican presidential nomination, I would not have put Rand Paul at the top of my right-wing tea-ublican watchlist as a potential POTUS candidate who...