Happy #Graduation!!! Tomorrow my son Benjamin Elul is graduating from the University of Chicago.

Beni, four years ago you left your home for the University of Chicago. I have witnessed how hard you’ve studied and how much effort you have put into your learning. And now that you’re graduating, your dad, sisters and brothers can’t help but to feel so proud of you.

Preparing yourself for tomorrow requires great efforts, passion and hard work. You are now in the half way point. Keep up your good work and continue to strive!
I am so proud of how much you have grown in the last four years! Love and best wishes for you on your graduation day….

But damn. Four year!? That flew by! Must mean I was having fun

If you have a loved one, a friend, a son or daughter who is graduating this year, please give them congratulatory messages for the job well done. Graduation day is such a wonderful event that comes to every student and their parents.