#Oversoul #Nulgath

OS Name: (If needed) Voidtato 

Mortuus the Soul Collector 

Element: Shadow 

Appearance: See(it's a bit rushed. His face is a black flame while the rest of his head are green flames(different sized hands intentional)) 

Backstory: Every once in a while, you'll find a body lying, lifeless and burnt. But something about the burned parts seem different, if you look closer, it seems to connect to another, agonizing realm that has no exits. If you listen closely, you'll hear screams of pain and suffering of who could be the body's owner. Others are an exception to this feeling, those who offered their soul willingly do not feel these sufferings. This is the work of Mortuus, the Soul Collector who wanders from time to time(literally) to enlarge his Soul Collection. He doesn't steal for souls, he buys, bargains, trades or as a last resort, kills for them if they don't reach an agreement. There are 3 reasons he collects souls, Power, used as currency in another realm and amusement. He collects only the finest of souls from the finest of Warriors, Magic users and those who have large potential. Others gave their souls willingly for immense strength, agility and the like. Others traded their souls for rare or sometimes, powerful artifacts that Mortuus had found in his travels. Others are deprived of their souls for either not giving them up after all his offers or when they attempted to attack him. But before all that, Mortuus was a hideous creature, he always stood out even from a distance and that's when the locals know when to evacuate from his presence, so he altered his appearance a bit, looking less threatening but still ominous. He stole a trench coat from a distant time then wore it, but not before ripping it's edges to look a bit more eerie. He then "borrowed" some clothes from the lifeless bodies he had stolen from and some gloves to hide his hideous hands, after that, he forged a chain-sickle from an alloy that originated from his realm and some souls to avoid his "customers", as he calls them, from fleeing. He magically restrained his flames as to not set his new clothes on fire. Mortuus then learned how to make a shroud of fog that unables a victim to see clearly around, unwillingly but not hypnotically, luring the creature to Mortuus to start negotiations. He now sets his sight on the most precious soul he has ever gone for, an Oversoul. 

You: How much do you want for that soul, dear sir? 
Enemy: Do you want a Soul Gem for that? 

1 hit: Mortuus (slide)dashes to his opponent, then pierces it with his hand 
2 hit: Same as above but his arm bursts in a green flame afterwards. 
3 hit: He throws the sickle part of his chain-sickle, hitting the enemy. The sickle lands on the ground, the pull back hits the enemy two times. 
5 hit: Mortuus casts a large, green rune circle below the enemy, it then lights up and(visually) takes the foe's soul to Mortuus, dealing damage. 
Victory: Mortuus takes the opponent's soul 
Defeat: Mortuus flinches while being pushed back a bit, turning into a puff of green and black smoke. (while souls escape from him in the process - optional) 

Special Card(if applicable) 
Soul Take - For 800-1200 HP and 1 Energy, Mortuus steals the opponent's primary Energy count, turning it into Shadow Energy for the same amount. 
Soul Burst - For 800-1000 HP, he depletes his Shadow Energy count, dealing damage for the same amount. 

The rest of the Deck is up to you, devs.