The Gran twins

The twins, Grannzwal and Granthese were two elves with affinity, or should I say, passion with dragons. However, everything changed when one of the brothers was cursed and transformed in a dragon. The other brother decided to learn the path  of the dragons, becoming the first dracomancer in history. With the hope of transforming his brother back into human or becoming a dragon himself, whichever comes first, the brothers fight side by side all enemies in his path, seeking who cursed their lifes.

basically, their elements are light and fire, with the following combos:

1 hit: the elf throws a fireball on the enemy
2 hits: the dragon opens his mouth and blow two bright fireballs 
3 hits: the elf ignite three floating fireballs and they hurl themselves at the enemy
4 hits: same as 2 hits, done twice
5 hits: the dragon open his mouth and the elf point his hand towars the enemy, and a huge pillar of light and fire erupts underneath the target

they would come equiped with healing and shield cards as well

enemy: skin or scales do not tell the difference between me and my brother
controlled: may the light scorch anyone in our path towards our cure.