#Bulgaria NOT deserve to be a member of the #EU !! THIS IS THE FACE OF THE SADIST WHO DRAGGED HIS DOG BEHIND HIS CAR! Please see bottom of text for original story and How You Can Help - thank you.

It would appear that just like other extreme animal cruelty cases, which the police of Bulgaria treated in the same manner, the police of Asenovgrad most likely made а cover up story for the crime of RAYCHO DIMITROV IVANOV of Topolovo village. If charged, he should expect up to 3 years in prison under Article 325b of the Penal Code of Bulgaria. We have serious doubts that someone at the Asenovgrad Police Department is close to Dimitrov and came up with a rescue plan for him. It is highly unlikely that the dog was only bruised after being dragged behind a speeding car for some time; it is very likely that the dog has not been treated in a vet clinic and was returned right away to the sadist, who was issued some sort of recommendation to ensure treatment for the injuries he caused intentionally! We are taking steps to discover the basis of what legislation police issued such a useless recommendation and returned the badly wounded animal to his tormentor? Their job is not to deliver the victims to their abusers or to dish out recommendations! Their lawful duty is to investigate crimes and catch criminals! It is irresponsible and cruel that they have done the contrary! It is also very dangerous to help RAYCHO DIMITROV IVANOV escape punishment, because someday this heinous individual may decide to hurt a human! He obviously does not distinguish between good and evil! We shocked by the cruelty demonstrated not only by the sadistic"owner", but by the policeman who found the agonizing dog and handed it back to his tormentor and murderer! Shame on you Bulgaria!

We at K9 Rescue Bulgaria will be investigating this matter and a Petition will follow shortly.

BULGARIAN NEWS ARTICLE: Please send to Western News Teams to get into mainstream news, thank you! http://www.blitz.bg/news/article/204413

WARNING - graphic images. To see the original photo please see here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=368640726569485&set=pb.135827796517447.-2207520000.1370840709.&type=3&theater

UPDATE, 10.JUNE, 2013: We have very bad news regarding the tortured dog.... According to the latest information, the animal is alive, has been taken to a vet for some basic treatment and then RETURNED to the monster-owner, who tortured him sadistically a day ago!

UPDATE, 8 JUNE, 2013: According to a local Bulgarian newspaper the police found the 55 yr old sadist. It says nothing about arresting him, but it indicates that police are investigating. The dog is said to be alive and admitted to a vet clinic for treatment.

We continue the campaign and the pressure. A petition will follow shortly...


Here is a short example text. Please feel free to use it or write your own and email it to the following address:



Attention: The Public Prosecutor, Plovdiv Region, ph: 00359 32 600 403

Dear Sir,

I am outraged by the barbaric treatment of a dog captured on a photo, which was published on Facebook on 7th Jun, 2013.
I understand that the animal was subjected to this heinous torture very recently and that it happened somewhere in the Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria.

I respectfully ask you to investigate the crime, find and punish the perpetrator who tied the dog and dragged it behind a car with registration number РВ 5730 АР, as shown on the photo.

Yours sincerely,

(Please, state your full name)

Уважаеми г-н Окръжен прокурор,

Безкрайно ме възмути садистичното отношение към куче, което е запечатано на снимка, публикувана във Facebook на 7 юни 2013 г..
Разбирам, че животното в било подложено на това жестоко изтезание съвсем наскоро, и че се е случило някъде в пловдивска област.

Почтително Ви моля да разследвате престъплението, и да откриете и накажете извършителя завързал и влачил кучето зад кола с регистрация
номер РВ 5730 АР, както е показано на снимката.

С уважение,