My character suggestion for Oversoul: "Necortic MaskMen"

The cost of victory can be incredibly high, some lose their sanity, some lose their family while some lose everything...

"My subject is War, and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity."

This is one story of a man whom served his country in its time of need, his family was destroyed in a savage raid of his village. He managed to escape and flee to the grand city, where he trained and fought for the honor of his family...

Upon his return to the great city after the war was won, he was ridiculed and made fun off due to the immense scaring he had all over is face. Every day for 10 years he was spat on and looked down upon from society, until one day he disappeared and was never to be seen again...

He fled the city for a life of solitude, where he would not have to see another mortal again.

His element would be Darkness
Enemy: “I will not be ridiculed by you anymore!"
Victory: “I feel pity for you, and your people.”

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