Decades back then, where The Great Evil War wage. Since the Archfiend overpowers, he collects across the cities and villages for soul. He then opened the astral time plane from the Underworld( Oversoul/Abysmal plane). As the people were surprised in Cronometra,TimeSpace by the attack of the Great fiend and his 3 generals with his 'Nation'. After countless demons and fiends killed their whole clan to get souls to overpower Nulgath and to learn time manipulations when he was just a boy. As they say, fight fire with fire. After several years, Zeit Vergetelheid has made his sole purpose in life to hunt down the Great Abyssal Archfiend Nulgath. 
He is a master at both Darkness and Time manipulation to thwart his demonic foes and to (try) kill Nulgath. He won't rest until he killed the fiend and rebuild his clan.
His element would be Shadow
Speech bubble
Controlled:"Pity, you confronted me in a bad time..."
Enemy:"I seek thy Archfiend Nulgath."
Victory:"Waste of time..."
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