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  The Silver Cord: A Story.  It has been noted throughout the  books  that Elena and Stefan ;s romance is eternal and never ending, especially with the fact that they are bounded soul to soul by  silver cord  which is only visible to them.   Hello, I’m Kevin Kelly and this project is a bit odd. The Silver Cord .   I hope you enjoy The Silver Cord,. Performances are set to begin tonight (June 5th) with the .  The Peccadillo Theater Company ;s will present the first major NYC revival of Sidney Howard ;s  THE SILVER CORD , directed by OBIE Award winner Dan Wackerman. Now the author needs help raising money to get it .   The Silver Cord: A Story.  For his latest project,  the Silver Cord , Kelly solicited the talents of several artists and storytellers, many from his church in San Francisco, to create a graphic  novel  in which technology meets the afterlife. The Silver Cord -- A Techno-Epic Graphic Novel by Silver Cord.  Looking Back on My Biggest Project So Far | Projects In PracticeAfter 23 technical  books , writing my first  novel  was certainly unique to me.  Bleeding Cool ;s Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic  books , two successfully funded and one that wasn ;t. It is available as a PDF, as a Comic Book CBZ file, and in two versions on the web.   The  book  is a travel and food memoir, but it is also very clearly concerned with anxieties of growing up and familial relationships.  The Silver Cord  is an impressive project.  Wired Co-Founder Kevin Kelly Is Raising $40,000 for a Graphic .   The Silver Cord, by Kevin Kelly and others - Boing Boing  He has been working with some colleagues for the last 8 years on a graphic novel called The Silver Cord..  The Silver Cord (Comic Book.   The silver cord; a novel [Shirley Brooks] on  com/projects/silvercord/the-silver-cord-a-techno-epic-graphic-novel I know your community. When they . This story of an alternative afterlife, of an .  suzanne elizabeth anderson:  The Silver Cord  The Silver Cord .   A futuristic story about a half-breed girl caught in a conflict between robots and angels on earth, the fully-illustrated  book  is actually the second in a two-part series.  S&L Podcast - #104 - Live at Nerdtacular 2012 — Sword & LaserThis one is a ""techno epic/spiritual fiction"" graphic  novel  created by Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly with several talented writers and artists and they ;ve already completed the free-to-read  book  one and are looking for funding for  book  two. Related books