A young warrior born in flames, fights in flames, and will eventually... die in flames.  

Ashes to ashes, a new warrior is born from the ashes of the previous generation.  He will take on the role as one of the protectors of mankind against the dragon race.  Born with both a duty and a burden to never have a normal life, a normal family.  As this generation's fire dragon slayer walks away from the battle, all he can look forward to is the next fight.  

Dust to Dust, the winds sweep away the memories of the past leaving only scars and burns to remember.  "When will this conflict end?" he says to himself, "When will the future hold no more dangers?"  *Takes a deep breath*  "Until then, in order for the hope of future fire dragon slayers to live a normal life, I will fight this fire... with fire."

-Legion Of War-   #DragonSCS

P.S. I hope you enjoy the drawing and the story.  You might not have wanted things to happen in the past and in the present.  But look towards the future, in hopes of fulfilling your dreams.