Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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721 days ago


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artasnowbell 590 days ago


rizanaamalia 701 days ago

jangan surat cinta ya oppa :'( ...
Jaga kesehatanmu

kisswookie 719 days ago

take care yesung

KASVLIN 719 days ago

my love always with you <3 my prince!

anyuylois 720 days ago

adorable... always thought you beautiful cloud c:

ReniYesung 720 days ago

That is a very good heart, I so much impressed for you♥. Read to cheer you♥.

926274 720 days ago

Are you a person with good feelings towards his fans. That DIOS cares much.

HaNguyen92 720 days ago

I'm missing u^^!. One of reasons made me lose weight is u>"<. I don't wanna this...need to better...have a nice day^^!

cjj_suju 720 days ago

Welcome to home TTwTT I´m so happy!!! you read n.n

ImWaitYePpa 720 days ago

ohhhh i also want send you a letter ! Aaaaahhhhh but i can't !

CristinaQuinta5 720 days ago

OnLy YoU, Can make, this world seem right, LoVe U

karlitaHarvey 720 days ago

I miss you so much .. I hope someday you read my letter I love you

CeciliaTercero 720 days ago

Good☆Morning!!!... Have a Beautiful day & Nice weekend!!!!!
(´ε` ) ♡♡♡♡♡

CanadaELFDiana 720 days ago

I should send something too. CANADA LOVES YOU!

YSCheri 720 days ago

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

CN_MonZeCloud 721 days ago

*o* Oppa, I would like send you a letter too.. Well, someday I will.. ^^사랑한다♥

script_sj 721 days ago

me too want to send u letter but damn on far distance between as :(

juliaku10 721 days ago

I love you!

_kuan_ 721 days ago

E.L.F miss U ~ I miss U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

CloudyRegie 721 days ago

:O how could I send a letter to Yesung? I'm so jealous of the people who did!!