as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

new awesome sword yesh? but! it needs a name :D so feel free to shoot some names

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1123 days ago

new awesome sword yesh? but! it needs a name :D so feel free to shoot some names


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NIGHTMARE_LAND 1094 days ago

naw. The Decidentia(the fallen).

NIGHTMARE_LAND 1094 days ago

the horseless headless horseman's head-taker

LaochAnamAE 1098 days ago

Claíomh Dubh(Sword of Darkness) the opposite to the legendary Celtic Claiomh Solas(Sword of Light)

Dage_13 1118 days ago

Woo Hoo! thx for picking my name ^_^

ungsod22Aqw 1119 days ago

Blade of darkness

jack_hunt_ 1122 days ago

legion's rage ???
blade of the legion oath
legion keeper

BarakGolan1 1122 days ago

Oath Sealer,Soul Purifier.

XizonAstral 1122 days ago

since the dude have a katana sheath, can you make the this blade transformable to a katana form?

SaranosTheBold 1122 days ago

Soul Siphon

BlackshockArts 1122 days ago

Soul Sunderer, Soulrender, Shadowslice, Legionnaire's Promise?

ToD_Haseo 1122 days ago

The sword looks cold, how about Skadi?

HeatTsunami_AE 1122 days ago

Cimmerian Zweihander

Kanto_boy1996 1122 days ago

The Divine Great Long Sword Of UnderWorld

Noletroid 1122 days ago

Hunger of a Thousand Souls

Zinrio666 1122 days ago

Horrific Soul Piercer

Dage_13 1122 days ago

Soul Seeker, Seeker of Death?

Rsrdaman 1122 days ago

Disparity of Legion

Bloodsiphon 1122 days ago

Spirit reaver

Bloodsiphon 1122 days ago

The souls imprisonment

Bloodsiphon 1122 days ago

Soul edge lol