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Torchwood Actor, and stand up comic.

Not sure if this works. But this is my new hair. So go with it.

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2612 days ago

Not sure if this works. But this is my new hair. So go with it.


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v23474 2600 days ago


hushsoundislove 2600 days ago

You look gawgeous!

DeadlyGlamour 2610 days ago

woohoo, it's a quiff! Possibly aspiring Leningrad Cowboy?(look them up if you don't know them) Only the shoes are missing....

VikkiDotCom 2611 days ago

First Fireman Sam, now Tin Tin?!
Whatever next!

EvaRut14 2612 days ago

I like it :D

thelittlepakeha 2612 days ago


hollieajohnson 2612 days ago

The hair looks like it has a mind of its own - is it held in place with extra strength gel? You could be aquaman!

Kymii_K 2612 days ago

ahahahahaa!! Love it!!!!! :P

insimonated 2612 days ago

Oh, I see it, now! (Pokin' out your top.) Sexy! I approve. ♥

Delan_Rain 2612 days ago

Cool! When's the rest of the scooby gang getting there? Lol

xel1980 2612 days ago

This is cool!

astridwilk 2612 days ago

PC Andy Hits The Town On Friday Night. Plz keep it for the Camden Fringe gigs??

beccasaur_ 2612 days ago

It suits you!

McShi 2612 days ago

Very Tin Tin.

NurseRibbons 2612 days ago

I like it! wavey!!

kenrar 2612 days ago

That looks really fabulous.

greenchai 2612 days ago

I like it!

Sajina 2612 days ago

Looks really great :)

MrDVine 2612 days ago

I agree with other posts. It is very tin-tin like. But also cool at the same time.

Captain0Hair 2612 days ago

Heh. I like it :) (took me a while to comment as everything I wrote sounded creepy)