TO: My Beautiful Husband, Gregory (IN YOUR TIME OF GRIEF!)

(Aunt) Eileen & Jean (Mom): 

Please Know That They Are "Double Trouble" Again!....Their BOTH About (30 Years Old) & They Have "No Pain" and Are Healthy! They Both Know All The *ANSWERS* We On Earth Are Still Trying 2 Work Out & Solve! Eileen Told Me SO MANY Times, She Just Wanted 2 Be Back With "Jean" & She Had Even Dreamed About It. NOW EILEEN, I'm SO Happy That YOU Made The Journey & Found Ur Sister & Your Souls Can Be Intertwined Once Again. YOU Will "NEVER" Be Without Her EVER AGAIN! No-One Can Ever SPLIT U Up and I Can't Wait To Meet Up With YOU (2) Again! Much Love, Stephanie & Family (Hebard/Antonides)