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  Salma Jafri said: Reading > RT @MichelleRafter: What  Yahoo ;s  deal to  buy Associated Content  means for writers:  #freelance #hyperlocal [...] Eric Novinson May 19, .   Yahoo! Voices -  Submit your content and get paid..  Digital comic  book  startup ComiXology has removed 56 comic  books  from its iOS app store this past week because they contained  content  that didn ;t meet Apple ;s guidelines.  Contributor Network to share your voice on Yahoo! Join Now.  . Her sudden shift from thrifty to hefty investment can be pinned down to desperation. More than half of Tumblr ;s users connect to the .  .  Too sexy for iOS: Apple directs ComiXology to yank 56 comics about .   Tumblr is a blogging platform/ content  management system first, and a destination site second. One such young . Tags: tumblr,  yahoo , fun with links, references to children ;s  books , rats from a sinking ship . Yahoo -Tumblr deal for $1.1B -  Associated  Press - POLITICO.comBy  ASSOCIATED  PRESS | 5/20/13 9:30 AM EDT. Though Mayer ;s . SUNNYVALE, Calif.  So while Google is busy trying to  buy  a VOIP solutions provider,  Yahoo  on the other was busy signing a definitive agreement to acquire  Associated Content . (May 19, 2010) Yahoo is buying Associated Content,. Music..  Yahoo Buys Associated Content for $100