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SmithMultinuclear  Solid State Nuclear  Magnetic Resonance of Inorganic Materials plot more  Techniques  of  solid state nuclear . Learn or help to learn NMR - get free NMR  books ! . State 13 C .  Solid State  NMR Spectroscopy for Biopolymers:.   Magnetic Moments, Magnetization and Nuclear Shielding .  Optical Characteristics of Tracks in Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors Studied.  . Description: * Experiments are linked to real applications.  Canadian NMR News: New NMR  book " Solid state nuclear  magnetic resonance now offers a wide variety of  methods  for characterization of materials of different compositions over a wide range of experimental conditions (temperatures, pressures, etc.).    Solid State Nuclear  Magnetic Resonance Solid state NMR spectroscopy A.   of the most important areas of inorganic materials research to which NMR has application, this  book  should be useful to NMR users whatever their level of expertise and whatever inorganic materials they wish to study.  Google book Solid State NMR Spectroscopy for.   nuclear-magnetic-resonance-of-biological-macromolecules-part-c-volume-394- methods -in-enzymology.html #nuclear #ma Published by kindingnet (Kind Ing) on 2011-03-26T21:00:20Z Source: Twitter, nmrlearner, Twitter NMR, 0 .  WVU chemist named fellow of American Physical SocietyResearch in the Gullion group focuses on the development of new  solid - state nuclear  magnetic resonance  methods  designed to determine molecular structures and how molecules interact with one another. His CR-39 calibrations have been confirmed by the Italian . Introduction to Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.  “Because of his practical bent, his  methods  have had a great impact on the  solid - state nuclear  magnetic resonance field, particularly with applications-oriented scientists like myself,” said David P. Solid-State NMR and its implications