Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1872 days ago


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Gossip_Girl2010 855 days ago

Awesome!! Where did you find that Cross. its Freaking Brilliant!

TeamZakBagansGA 1706 days ago

nice skull, love it

spunkytut1950 1709 days ago

Zak I am sorry for what I said about you. I guess we the fans can get very protective of people like you for whom we care for. So can you find it in your big heart to forgive me please? thank you Joyce

yeehawcountry 1718 days ago

look at tht sky

eatenword 1800 days ago

R weplayin namethat intersection?!K,ur diffently inGreenValley,I guessSt.RosePkwy&SEastern Im i right?

eatenword 1833 days ago

Yea!!R weplayin namethat intersection?!K,ur diffently inGreenValley,I guessSt.RosePkwy&SEastern ImIclose ...

eatenword 1833 days ago

Yea!!R we playin name that intersection?!K,ur diffently in Green Valley,I guess St.RosePkwy&S.Eastern ImIclose?

eatenword 1833 days ago

Yea!! R we playing name that intersection?! K, ur diffently in green valley, I guess St. Rose Pkwy and S Eastern. I'm I close?

angeleyes707 1845 days ago

Nice view...Vegas? how'd you pull this pic off?? Driving from the back seat?? Really guys - love your shots but I'm a great photographer!!!!

CandiceDitto 1849 days ago

Hey I have that radar detector too... at least it looks like mine! Of course your's is probably the new more expensive one huh? lol Nice Cross by the way!

NYCRedhead 1851 days ago

Vegas is alright. An SL65 with protection mounted in the window is love.

xChrissieLynn 1853 days ago

I absolutly love Vegas :)

witchywashy 1857 days ago

That is a beautiful shot of vegas, wish I was there. Nice skull/ cross necklace by the way.

Hearts1003 1859 days ago

Nice shot! I'll see it eventually. Haven't been to vegas yet but I will get there.

Beckie_Jay 1861 days ago

Cool! You have 1 too...

shimmerinstars7 1867 days ago

I have a small collection of mostly silver crosses, smaller in size and without the skulls which are very cool by the way. Love your choice of shirts you wear on the show too!

Kein_Entrinnen 1869 days ago

nice cross

Emma_ghost 1870 days ago

Yuck, Vegas. Too much light, not enough darkness. It's also too bad that people can't see past your "good looks" enough to "love" you for your talent. Geesh. People piss me the fuck off sometimes.

er9804 1870 days ago

I Love Vegas, It's like my 2nd Home.

Abigail_119 1871 days ago

im mad cause i missed last weeks episode... someone messed up my scheduled recording thing.. but very much anticipating this weeks episode~!! peacee ^-^v