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At photo shoot check out my nails! Ohhh

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1884 days ago

At photo shoot check out my nails! Ohhh


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haterade1 1818 days ago

ya ooook. ur really trying to show off that huge tacky rock on ur finger. im pretty sure theres ppl out there who havent had a meal in weeks but here u r showing off ur million dollar ring while eating an ORGANIC 5$ crossiant.

ashlieliza 1835 days ago

Nice new look: Tranny Monkey.

sweetsummer01 1865 days ago

i love your hair

rbrow121 1866 days ago

What nails?! ha!ha! Oh I have to focus, oh there they are a little higher up!ha!

funkeyfrogg 1866 days ago

she doesnt look horrible ,
its just the blurr in the picture , ?
your gorgeous heidi .

XuyenN 1866 days ago

nice one !

ashlieliza 1871 days ago

again, reppin' the monkey look.

AmelieRosado 1877 days ago


BenAndris 1877 days ago

U look like Aubrey O'day... hottttttttttttt

mosesark 1878 days ago

my cat wants to play with yours

Officialalba 1883 days ago

very plain like your face bitch

foxykween 1883 days ago

Heidi THE HILLS FINALE was gr8 so even lauren has left does the show still must go on or wot caz I live in asut does that mean we get to see ongoin shows or wot plz rt me and let me know I would love the feedback and bout 3 wks ago I had rang that number

TamiMalone 1883 days ago

Some of what those people are saying is awful..I am NOT not trying to suck up to her,but you people have no right to judge her,you don't even know her. And she does look pretty. Congrats on the wedding Heidi (:

Petrucika 1883 days ago

nice nice:)

Petrucika 1883 days ago

you are very nice:)

gemma__f_p 1883 days ago

i dont like ur in hills but think they r just entertainment purposes. I hate fake nails anyways. But u look lovely ur is really nice

cspar37 1883 days ago

WOW... haters... you gotta luv em!!! You're GORGEOUS and we all know it! Brush the HATERS off and keep it moving ma!!!

MrsWragg 1883 days ago

ummm...surely "celebrity suck ups" are the people who follow celebs on Twitter, look at their fotos and make the effort to comment...like, you???

FatHoo 1883 days ago

Cute nail

Salemoon 1883 days ago

Wow what the hell is the point of leaving mean comments if you dont like it why the hell are you wasteing your time? use are the ones that have no lives commenting shit like that!.....she looks good =]