Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2491 days ago


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gaczjuggalette 1963 days ago

dont you look sexy!! hahaha! but you gotta be safe too.

Babiigurl_Addie 1963 days ago

nice pix! and i lov ur hair!

TightGACChica 2055 days ago

Now does Aaron REALLY smell THAT bad!? ;)

sportiegirl3320 2333 days ago

even with the mask on ur sexy lmao

yeehawcountry 2337 days ago

i like it better wen i can c ur face lol

GALOVER1505 2345 days ago

lol love it

MaLiKCeaSar3 2351 days ago

i gotta get a one of those, just to be save.

MissIndianaJone 2362 days ago

its not a good time until you've been exposed to asbestos ROFL!!!

HopeMSwashere 2382 days ago

i want this photo! ur face is...... thats all i have to say.

JessieMac09 2402 days ago

i want a gas i need one for my bros room! lol.jk.

jszalaj 2453 days ago

very cute pic, I think.......

alysonxxroneyxx 2457 days ago

you look..... wow in that thing...... your show makes a friday night less lonely (grounded for the rest of this month)

nessavgk 2462 days ago

You definitely look you saw SOMETHING Dude! Was Nick having a bad hair day? LOL

ilovepinksocks 2464 days ago

don't look so scared...

BrookeIzzle 2480 days ago

Asbestos ghosts... Im hunting ghosts asbestos I can!!!!

p.s. come to Wisconsin!! :)

Starbuck01 2482 days ago

Wth lol

treeroxy 2482 days ago

I always wondered if SBD's were considered as "paranormal" smells on the show. LOL, j/k

kjar211 2482 days ago

looking forward to october

arciegonzalez 2484 days ago

Lets Do It On The Bird Cage Theater Poker Table In The Basement! Ahhh ;D

CalypsoBay 2485 days ago

Lmao, you're not going to catch anything with that mask on. They'll be too scared to do anything, you might suck them into your death mask :P hehe