Aaaaaaaand my Twitter explodes in 3... 2... 1...

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994 days ago

Aaaaaaaand my Twitter explodes in 3... 2... 1...


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reasshadon 963 days ago

O.o now that i finally see it in color. (yes now) i can only say.
Biggest nose bleed in my life...

OptimusSuperior 994 days ago

Very... Magnificent. You now, I love you guys, with all those comments and the amazing artists at AE.

Schillehh 994 days ago

Hahahaha :'D You make me want to draw girls too, lol.
Anyways im always a fan of rune/tattoos, you know, the shiny ones? I think they would fit on this one. And more blushies! xD blushies are awesome. +1 like

ZerkAE 994 days ago

it looks like its glued to the skin or something.

ZerkAE 994 days ago

I thought everything under the neck would be cloth so all the random armor would make sense. Because..

Paul_Apollo 994 days ago

Man, this designs lookin' sexy there. Keep up the great work.

Model_Y_ 994 days ago

Looks like something out of scarlet blade
(Though I think the back thigh is a bit long)

ZorkKnight 994 days ago

Anyway, that's pretty aesome.

ZorkKnight 994 days ago

Reminds me of a character of something I've played/watched... but she had more clothing. I think.

Bladebrawl 994 days ago

Well, she looks... Young. Also, that metal bikini bottom can NOT be comfy.

Awesome work as usual man!

DJKeemFTL 994 days ago

Nice Armor Design.. :3

ValhasDrew 994 days ago


AvengerAQW 994 days ago

*jaw falls off*