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Bobby Seale originally shared to Seize the Time-Black Panther Party, 60's & Beyond (Historic):
The Black Panther Party was on FBI’s COINTELPRO list. When they really started to focus on us was right after Nixon got elected. He gets elected in November 1968. One of the first people Nixon meets with – before the inauguration, before January 1969 – is J. Edgar Hoover. Now, right in the middle of December 1968, Hoover is on television saying that the Black Panthers are a threat to the internal security of America. Four months later, he is back on television saying that the Free Breakfast for Children Program is a threat to the internal security of America.

In our film,“SEIZE THE TIME: The Eighth Defendant,” (a feature film focusing on life experiences as the founding Chairman and national organizer of the Black Panther Party and in turn the true history of the Black Panther Party.)  we are showing real documents subpoenaed by a Senate committee that our research assistants have gotten a hold of that show Hoover sent out one communiqué as a directive to 43 district offices of the FBI. In this thing, he is directing them to do – in any creative way you can – to disrupt, discredit, and destroy the breakfast program. You must further try to make sure that moderate blacks and liberal whites do not support this program. In a Gallup poll at the time, something like 90% of the black community approved of the Panthers and the breakfast program. Those programs caused a lot of people to look at us differently from “guns.” Hoover didn’t like that. And they were on us.

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Bobby Seale

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