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Llussion wearing the Cloak of Disapoofing.

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2004 days ago

Llussion wearing the Cloak of Disapoofing.


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WiiR 1996 days ago

Hmmmmm, I think that this suits all us assasin chars.

Dmcd6119 2000 days ago

it is in the quest of the upper city quest (all of them)

Sam_Wicks 2001 days ago

must.......have cloak of disapoofing i can't see how cool it is lol

Lady_Adella 2001 days ago

hehehe -- so this is what Beleen meant by "the Invisibility Armor" lol

KarpousiAE 2001 days ago

is it actualy a armour or just a clever edit?

AnhKhoa1 2001 days ago

Is that really a Cloak or it's just a glitch/bug?

Robo0000100 2001 days ago

wow cool ,I want it :D

GaleWarrior 2002 days ago

If you has that armor equiped with a pet,you could like be a pet

kinzvlle 2002 days ago

where did she go

DatIbby 2002 days ago

hm i agree very mysterious..JOHNSON

GaleWarrior 2002 days ago

and it looks like its non-member

GaleWarrior 2002 days ago

theres a staff armor on J6's char page called "Ghost Morph" and it makes you invisable

GaleWarrior 2003 days ago

I could like spy on other people

weiser911 2003 days ago

my guess is that it was just a joke, and not really coming out. it would be cool, but i didnt see anything in llussion's character page...

Zaner459 2003 days ago

looks like tomix was wearing that on his char page, it you couldnt see tomix lol

Terrowin 2003 days ago


Allanbow 2003 days ago

Looks cool but whats the point of the dsapear if u can still see the name?

michael822 2003 days ago

omg tht armour would be awesome but i hav 2 guesses for it 1 : mem only 500k 2 : AC 1000 or 800

ShadowAE 2003 days ago

That will be useful for the wiki XD

Bramman111_0001 2003 days ago

Lol, nice! I want one sooooooo bad, I've seen, or rather, NOT seen miltonius using this on his char page. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D