Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Uh....where's the team car??

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2635 days ago

Uh....where's the team car??


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sj41 2617 days ago

Oops ..Just when you need em !

shona_kaytay 2629 days ago

introducing the new invisible team car!

susandeaconprop 2631 days ago

Excellent Lance, you look like a mountain biker, now we need you on the Epic next year!!!!

josepaz1 2631 days ago

Got to hate those tubeless!

JeffreyMeyer212 2632 days ago

At least knows how to fix a flat. I remember when a former American Tour winner who will go unnamed, once embarrassed himself on a ride/interview when he flatted and had to ask for help because he didn't know how to change his tire.

Chris_K 2632 days ago

Stick thru the sidewall 2 weeks ago going down Powerline. Thought to myself "There should at least be a neutral support vehicle!"

RaphaCondorKid 2633 days ago

Probably trying to keep up with you if we're honest Lance. I mean, it can't be easy!

dascool 2634 days ago

Hey Lance...ur still makin my day!and you are so lean! looking forward to following the Leadville

davidastewart 2634 days ago

Classic, Lance! Just Classic!!

jamesjwhelan 2634 days ago

I recommend a Sherpa or two. Those little dudes climb like mountain goats.

jdhipman 2634 days ago

I predict a victory. You look ready to win.

swiyper 2634 days ago

Looking really fit. Veins are popping

tour88 2634 days ago

it is lost hehehe

wrxmario 2634 days ago

I know what you need iPhone with GPS and a location program they will find U in a bit!

itsallride 2634 days ago

Gonna add this one to my favorites: love the picture & caption! :)

eliseimiron 2634 days ago

nice to see you on mtb

aspendad 2634 days ago

heading E on Gov trail just after a river crossing? have radio shack do a sweep. 1 flat and 1 face plant ourselves in same spot

sarahjclark 2634 days ago

I agree with . Preferrably chocolate cream pie. #delish

dunmail 2634 days ago

Lance you need to eat some pies :-)

livestrongx 2634 days ago

go Lance go! you are the Boss!